15 Employer branding best practices to focus on in 2015

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I was fortunate to share many wonderful moments with friends and partners during my 2014 Employer Brand Global Tour which took me to London, New York, Milan, Vilnius, Toronto, Sydney, Perth, Cluj, Bucharest, Vienna, Stockholm and Singapore! On the way home (24hrs of flying) I reflected as I always do at this time of the year to think about the year ahead.
I’ve now travelled to more than 50 cities in 30 countries on my employer branding global tours since 2007 and each city I visit provides new insights into the challenges and successes companies are experiencing in developing, implementing and managing their employer brand strategy.
2015 will be a break out year for the employer branding industry if the trend of companies hiring dedicated employer brand leaders continues as it has over the past few years. We will see a tipping point in employer branding in 2015 which will be led by the USA where the economic growth forecast suggests companies will begin hiring again. However even in a growth market talent is getting harder to find.  Getting your employer brand strategy right will require a dedicated and disciplined approach by the leader driving the strategy with strong support from leaders across all lines of business.
It's been great to observe in 2014 the trend of companies such as Google, Facebook, 3M, UnitedHealth Group, IBM, EY, Repsol and Amtrak engage employer branding talent to manage their strategy and shift their focus of employer branding from an add on function in an already over worked HR department to a strategic focus.
Our 2014 Employer Branding Global Research Study report also provided insights into how employer branding has evolved in 18 key regions around the world over the past 5 years. For a complimentary copy of the report please download at the end of this paper.
Below is a list of 15 key focus areas which will assist you in your journey throughout 2015 and whilst not all may be achieved in 2015, having an understanding of these trending areas for employer branding will keep you focus in the right direction in a management field which is growing in importance in companies all over the world and one which will continue to challenge the value of traditional functional departments such as HR, marketing and communications over the next 5 years. Success in business can no longer rely on out of date organisational structure and siloed functional departments. Today's pace of change requires organisations to adapt their business model to one that is agile and reactive to continuous market changes.

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The rise of employer brand leadership 3rd edition

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  • What function do employer brand leaders at some of the world's top brands perform?
  • Why do some companies use employer branding as only a recruitment function whereas others adopt a holistic approach across recruitment, engagement and retention functions?


Read the pdf shorter version of the published article in South Africa's leading HR Magazine, HR Future click here>

Read the online shorter version at ere.net click here>


The 3rd Edition of "The Rise of Employer Brand Leadership" includes updated global research findings and new employer brand leader job descriptions from companies such as Facebook. Marriott and Coca Cola Hellenic, etc. 

An analysis of employer brand leadership job and person descriptions over the past five years shows a diversity of approaches used by organisations when recruiting employer branding leaders. The focus for the employer brand leader is on recruitment at companies such as Facebook, Amazon and KPMG.

However companies such as Linkedin, Nike and Amtrak have adopted a holistic approach to employer branding across the total employment experience.

To download the whitepaper, "The rise of employer brand leadership" including 26 sample job descriptions from companies including Facebook, Nike, Mars, Google, Linkedin, Amazon, Standard Chartered Bank, E&Y, see below




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Employer Branding Global Tours 2007-2014

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2014 Employer Branding Global Trends Study

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I'm please to advise of the launch of  Employer Brand International's '2014 Employer Branding Global Trends Survey Report.'

I enjoyed writing the report after we analysed data from more than 1100 organisations from 19 countries and regions across all industries in the private, pubic and not for profit sectors.

The global study released today details key insights into the current status of employer branding and future plans for organisations whilst highlighting key trends over the past five years of the trends tracking study.

To download a copy of the full report please download from the slideshare document below.

To read the media release please click here>

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Employer branding for business success at Volvo Cars

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The following interview and article is an abstract from the case study, ‘Employer Branding for business success at Volvo Cars,’ published in Employer branding & the new world@work click here for details>

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sara Axling, People & Employer Brand Strategy Manager, Volvo Cars during our recent European Employer Branding World Series Summit in Paris. What strikes me most about Sara is the depth of her knowledge, understanding and experience in employer brand management. Every year I met hundreds of leaders and very few come close to Sara’s insights and approach towards employer branding. Her passion for employer branding is also a standout!

As the senior leader responsible for Volvo Cars’ global employer brand strategy, Sara is constantly juggling multiple challenges as the brand navigates new market entries, an uncertain global economy and the impact of technological and social changes which are shifting the paradigm in how companies attract and retain talent.

Company overview
Volvo Cars’ vision is to be the world’s most progressive and desired premium car brand. It is stated in our mission that our global success will be driven by making life less complicated for people, while strengthening our commitment to safety, quality and the environment. This is embedded in Volvo Cars’ corporate strategy, “Designed Around You” which puts people at the centre of all company operations. The strategy is a foundation and a guide for our business, our products and our corporate culture. With this corporate strategy, combined with an ambitious expansion plan, our aim is to sell eight hundred thousand cars by 2020. Volvo Cars Headquarters is in Gothenburg, Sweden. We have production sites in Sweden, Belgium and China. Our design centres are located in Barcelona, Shanghai and just outside Los Angeles. On a global basis, Volvos are sold in approximately one hundred countries, by approximately two thousand, three hundred dealerships. Volvo Cars employs approximately twenty three thousand people worldwide.

What were the key drivers for investing in employer branding at Volvo Cars?
The reason to invest in employer branding at Volvo Cars was driven by our corporate strategy “Designed around you” and our aim to sell eight hundred thousand cars by 2020. If we are to achieve our aim to double our sales and transform Volvo into a true premium car brand we need to be able to attract, engage and retain people who can bring this new strategy to life. The launch of our “Designed around you” positioning provided us with a golden opportunity to establish a new way of thinking about and working with employer branding at Volvo Cars. We made employer branding a strategic priority and it was strongly supported by senior management.

Our employer brand strategy is aligned and connected to the brand, people and product strategies at Volvo Cars. It has its base in the corporate strategy ‘Designed around you’ as well as in our corporate culture.

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